About company

"Sofia Decor" is an architectural and manufacturing company, a Russian leader in the design and creation of exclusive furniture, decoration and interior decoration. The company was established in 1996 and in a short time earned the reputation as one of the best metropolitan workshops, successfully performing difficult and often unique orders. To date, more than a thousand implemented projects in Russia and abroad are implemented. Among them there are the government and private residences, galleries, restaurants, offices of large companies and government organizations, country mansions and accommodation.
"Sofia Decor" is specialized in the design of representative interiors in the famous historical styles - French Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Neoclassicism and Art Deco.

The production of the company is valued by unique trimmings, performed exclusively by hand. Valuable and exotic breeds of wood, complex carvings and prominent decorations, inspired by the prototypes of the legendary palaces and residences, the finishing of gold or silver leaflets, lacquers and pearl, fine inlays, art paintings, precious metal decorative elements, spectacular stained glass and mirrors - our works of art will be a delight for lovers of luxury and lovers of genuine furniture art.

Sofia Decor successfully applies its experience in modern projects in the sphere of Luxury in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign designers. Our capabilities allow you to move any exclusive project from drawings to reality, while emphasizing the exclusivity of each customer.

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